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Unlock Her Legs is a dating guide for men and with a title like that, you pretty much know what it’s all about. This guide is an online bestseller. With thousands of copies sold, this is social proof that the info in this guide works.

The difference between this book and the usual dating books that you find in bookstores is that the info here is hard-hitting. It’s not politically correct. It’s not about being all nice and Mr. Perfect. No… this guide is about doing what you need to do to make a woman want you badly.

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It’s a book that teaches you how to win the mind game. Trying to win the affections of a woman and get her to go home with you is like a dance. You need to know the right steps and when to move forward and when to move back.

The two guys who wrote this book, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, probably have a lot of experience as pick up artists which gave them the experience to write this book. The difference is that this guide is more focused on understanding the woman’s psyche and how to subtly make her feel like you’re attractive and want you. There is a way to do it… and Unlock Her Legs shows you the way.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this guide.

The Good Points Unlock Her Legs Review

1) The most powerful technique in this guide is the ‘Scrambler Strategy’ and no other book teaches this. By employing this strategy, instead of pursuing the woman, now she’ll be the one who chases after you. The tables have turned and you can’t get turned down if the woman is the one chasing you.

2) There are 4 principles to creating a ‘chase flex’ which is the ideal scenario to winning the affection of the woman you want. In Principle #1 you’ll create a sense of uncertainty by not revealing all your cards. Too many guys make this mistake by wearing their hearts on their sleeve.

3) In Principle #2 you’ll learn how to keep the power in the dynamics. Most guys let the girl believe that she’s the one who gets to decide if she wants to be with them or not. This is another mistake. By actually being the one in charge, you’ll appear confident and she’ll be more drawn to you.

4) Principle #3 is all about validation where the woman will want to seek approval from you. She’ll be trying to get in your good books. Isn’t that cool? Instead of constantly struggling to try and please her.

5) Principle #4 is anticipation. Here you will learn how to make the woman look forward to everything you’re about to do. This is how you turn a woman on and make her want to sleep with you.

6) This guide will help men win women whom they always thought were out of their league. It could also be used to win back an ex-girlfriend. If your relationship has turned stale and there’s no more passion, the tips in Unlock Her Legs will reignite your relationship.

7) The product has a 60-day money back guarantee. This purchase is risk-free.

The Bad Points Unlock Her Legs Review

1) Shy or timid men who feel intimidated by the opposite sex will need to man up and apply the tips in this guide. It may be intimidating at first, but once you step out of the shell and practice the techniques taught, you’ll soon become a chick magnet and never look back. It’s all a matter of stepping out of your comfort zone.

2) You can only get this book online and it’s in digital format.

Should You Get It?

Unlock Her Legs is all about getting a woman to sleep with you. It is unapologetic and refreshingly honest. If you’re the kind of guy who has trouble hooking up with a woman or there’s a lady you really want but just can’t seem to get, this book is all you need.

Just by applying the information within this guide, your confidence levels will go up and so will your skills when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. You won’t be bumbling around not knowing what to say because you’ll be able to strike up a conversation easily that interests her and draws her attention.

If you want to unlock her legs and let you in, as crass as it sounds, this book will help you do it. Try it out. You’ll be glad you did.

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