Survival Frog (Solar Air Lantern) Review

Survival Frog (Solar Air Lantern) Review – Best Solar Camping Lanterns

Survival Frog Review

Survival Frog is one of the top online brands when it comes to selling gear for survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts. It sells survival kits sleeping bags, solar powered lanterns, and many other very useful products.

In this review, we’ll be looking at the Solar Air Lantern. This is actually one of their best products to date. The design of the lantern is simple and yet aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, the product is practical and very easy to use.

Survival Frog (Solar Air Lantern) Review

This is one tough lantern. It is inflatable, rechargeable, waterproof, lightweight and shatterproof. That’s more than what you can say about most lanterns. It’s probably this hardy nature that makes it so perfect for survival situations where your surroundings may be wet or rough.

The lantern itself requires very little maintenance. One of the best features of the product is that once you charge it, it retains the charge for ages. In fact, tests showed that even after 3 years of not being used, it could still be turned on.

This will be a weight off your mind. You can always rely on it in times of need instead of constantly remembering to charge it just to be prepared.

The Good Points Survival Frog (Solar Air Lantern) Review

1) This solar lantern only needs 8 hours of exposure to the sun for it to be charged. It retains up to 95% of the charge when not being used.

2) When inflated this light generated from a single unit can reach up to 150 square feet. That’s very powerful. In fact, if you’re at a campsite or having a party in your backyard at night, one of these lanterns will really light up the place.

3) At only 4 ounces, this lantern is light and very portable. It doesn’t have wires dangling out. It doesn’t use gas or batteries. This is a very safe product.

4) The product is durable and works as described. In fact, this product is an online bestseller and thousands of units have been sold.

5) The Survival Frog Solar Air Lantern has many uses. You can use it read in the dark, keep it in your car in case you need to change a tire at night, use it if there’s a blackout at home and so much more.

6) The product is backed by an ‘Any Reason’ money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return the item and get your money back. This takes all the risk off you.

The Bad Points Survival Frog (Solar Air Lantern) Review

1) You can’t get a refund on discontinued products with this company. However, since the solar lantern is still selling and a very popular item, you can definitely get a refund if you’re not satisfied with it.

Should You Get It?

Yes. This product rocks. This brand is known for making high-quality prepper products and this solar air lantern is extremely useful, durable and great to have during an emergency or if you do a lot of outdoor activities like camping or hiking.

Get one today and you’ll be really glad you made the investment.

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