DIY Smart Saw Review

Alex Grayson wrote the DIY Smart Saw guide to help people build their own Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. Usually, these machines cost thousands of dollars and even second-hand ones cost thousands.

People who are interested in woodworking will definitely find one of these useful. Alex’s experience as an engineer in the automotive industry shows in the guide. He really did a good job creating the DIY Smart Saw guide.

This is a top seller online and has sold thousands of copies. This is proof that his guide works and delivers on its promises.

DIY Smart Saw Review

The guide is comprehensive and has everything you need to know to build your own saw. It even has a troubleshooting section in case you encounter problems. One good feature of this guide is that it shows you how to test if you built the saw correctly just by testing one button. You will not have to waste wood testing your saw out.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the DIY Smart Saw.

The Good Points DIY Smart Saw Review

1) Despite this being a technical guide, the instructions are very easy to follow. Every detail is covered and nothing is left to the imagination. You just need to read the guide well and follow the step-by-step instructions to the letter.

The language is simple and clear. Complex terminology is left out here. You’ll have no problems understanding the instructions.

2) Probably the biggest advantage and selling point to this guide is that it will save you thousands of dollars. Since CNC machines are 20 times faster than the human hand, if you do a lot of carpentry or woodwork, you’ll definitely need one to save time and effort.

Instead of paying so much for one, with DIY Smart Saw, you can build your own and it will work just fine.

3) If you know others who are interested in purchasing a CNC machine, you can always build these saws and sell it to them. It’ll be cheaper and will also make you a tidy profit.

4) Building one of these saws can be done in a day. This is not a complicated project. Once you have the blueprint and material, you can easily build one. The blueprint that Alex gives you is excellent.

5) There are follow along videos to guide you in the process. This makes it even simpler. You absolutely can’t go wrong with the video to guide you.

6) The product has a 60-day guarantee. So if you can’t build your own saw no matter what you do, you can always get your money back. However, you probably won’t because this product works and has a very low refund rate.

The Bad Points DIY Smart Saw Review

1) Probably the only downside to this product is that it is only available online. This is a digital product and you require an internet connection to access it.

Should You Get It?

Yes! Yes! Yes! If you’re into woodworking, this guide will save you a ton of money. You’ll not need to buy a CNC machine which is costly. You’ll be able to make one yourself and it’ll be just as good.

If you’re enterprising, you could make them and sell them to others. This product delivers on its promises and it’s a great buy. Get it and build your own smart saw today.


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